How We Can Motivate Teachers? – Motivation For Teaching

coffee-alla-volodinaLike other educational experts Alla Volodina also believes that teachers are the key in any educational system. It is very important to have good teachers, if we want to encourage our students for creative learning and better study skills. However, with constant working, teachers and get tired and can lose their interest in teaching. They teach students but forget to guide them about how to learn to study. In this situation, it is very important to motive teachers. Alla Volodina is discussing some important points how to motivate business and accounting teachers teaching at the high school level. 

Keeping up with business news and educational trends

A good principle understands that how important it is to have motivated teachers. Teaching the same material several years in a row can be tiring. That is why, teachers should be encouraged to regularly update their knowledge and keep up with current business news. This will keep the teachers interested in the subject matter and improve students’ classroom experience.

If a teacher wants to attend any education workshop or a refresher course, institution should encourage him and facilitate him, as much as they can. Once the teacher attends the workshop, he/she could be asked to present what they learned during a lunch&learn to the rest of the staff.

Having sufficient resources required for a productive classroom experience

Teachers should be provided with all the institutional supplies they need. Depending on the budget, teachers should be provided with all the aids they need. If the budget on the institute in not sufficient, authorities can contact with local business persons, who can sponsor institute.

Head of the institution can contact with local restaurants and movie houses for free gifts, coupons and tickets. These small prizes can be given to those teachers, who show good performance in a particular month.  Study skills of students and creative learning abilities can be taken as criteria.

Enjoying some relaxing time and staying well

Recreational trips to the movie houses or nearby hill stations will give your teachers a chance to get back their energies and they will be active to participate in educational activities. Authorities can plan these trips on weekends.

Having a board at prominent place is a good idea to motivate your teachers. You can have an encouraging quote or an interesting joke there, which will motivate your teachers.

If a teacher gets ill, welcome him back with a greeting card and celebrating birthdays or teachers in break time will also motivate them.

Offering teachers short leaves, during student vacation is also a good idea to motivate them.

Recognizing work well done

Giving a teacher a title like “Teacher of the month” will also encourage teachers to actively involve in educational process.

Celebrate teacher appreciation week, encourage students to say few words about their teachers, it will be a great motivation for the teachers and strengthen the bond between teachers and students.

Alla Volodina offers these few suggestions; you can try many others according to your situation. But make sure that for better study skills of your students and their creative learning abilities, you must have motivated teachers. 

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